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Leather Wallet Phone Case - English Summer Without Strap

Beautiful, functional, pure leather cases that protect your phone as well as they do your style.

These are true conversation starters, with unparalleled print definition, rich, saturated colours and life-enhancing design.

What's more, they're 90% biodegradable! A hidden micro-suction grip pad does away with bulky plastic casing and lets you experience the original design of your device.

The case is lined with pure suede, has a slim inner pocket that allows for cards or notes and an easel fold that allows for convenient viewing.


These samples cases come without a magnetic strap.



Microsuction technology is formed of thousands of microscopic cups whose small vacuums form an extraordinarily strong bond between the pad and your phone. The phone is easily removed from the pad by twisting or peeling the surface away, and you can rejoin them hundreds of times without leaving a residue or damaging either surface. The microsuction pad can also be cleaned by wiping gently with a damp cloth to restore a perfect grip.



100% leather case with acrylic foam micro-suction grip pad.

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