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Bespoke iPad Folio Case for iPad Pro 12.9 inch - model A1670

  • Pale pink suede lining with gold inner pocket.
  • Tulip print arranged as per section outlined by customer (send proof pre-printing for sign off).

Customer note:

Tulips stand upright when the folio is on the iPad and I’m using it in landscape mode. I am partial to the left side so that one of the purple and white flowers is at the bottom left, but if you see a better section it can be used.  I would like the full height of the photo to be used so that the top of the folio is the tulips in the distance.  If the placement of the tulips around the fold of the folio is better if you use a shorter version I am good with that as well.

Large iPad Folio Case: £230

Bespoke Design: £30

Shipping: Free over £150

TOTAL: £260


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