Tovi Sorga accessories are manufactured with the utmost care, diligence and skill but very occasionally issues can arise through repeated use. 

The Tovi Sorga warranty lasts for one calendar year from date of purchase and allows for the repair or replacement of items that present abnormal faults after normal use. It covers Tovi Sorga items bought both directly from www.tovisorga.com and from our authorised retailers.

Covered by warranty

We recognise that issues can occasionally occur through repeated use and examples of faults that we will repair through our warranty include, but are not limited to:

  • Metal hardware defects
  • Stitching failures
  • Abnormal ageing of print or materials

Not covered by warranty

Tovi Sorga accessories are luxury items and should be treated with respect and care for maximum enjoyment. Please read our Leather Care Advice to help your products last for years to come.

We do not cover damage caused by:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Failure to follow our leather care advice
  • Neglect through rough use
  • The natural ageing and patination that occurs on genuine leather
  • Faults caused by accidents
  • Third party alterations or repairs
  • In the case of contactless payment items, any fault with the bPay contactless chip. For all issues relating to the bPay chip and its functionality please contact bPay directly.


If you are concerned about your product and would like support or advice please do get in touch.

  • Email us at info@tovisorga.com with a description and, if possible, pictures detailing your concerns.
  • Please tell us with where and when you purchased your product. If purchased online with us at www.tovisorga.com it would be helpful if you could provide your order number.
  • We may ask for the item to be sent to us for further inspection. Please do not send us the faulty item without us first requesting this.
  • Once we have inspected the product and assessed that the fault is eligible for our warranty services we will, wherever possible, repair the item. Where this is not possible a replacement will be offered.
  • If the faults are not covered by this warranty we will advise of any further repairs that could be made available, for which there may be an extra cost.
  • We will not commence repairs or issue replacements without the full written consent of both parties.
  • Repairs are usually carried out within 6 weeks of an agreed plan being confirmed by both parties. Please note we are unable to carry out any warranty repairs during the Christmas shopping period (from 1st November through to 15th January); these repairs will be scheduled for completion as soon as possible after Christmas.
  • We will send repairs or replacements to you at the address provided by you, at our own cost.