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Step 2: Select Your Bank

If you bank with one of our partners listed below, select that option when you buy your Tovi Sorga contactless accessory.

Can't see your bank? No problem. You can still use Tovi Sorga wearables for payments if you live in the UK, Switzerland or the European Economic Area. Just select the 'MuchBetter' pre-paid app.

Step 3 - Connect Your Card

•  After you purchase your Tovi Sorga contactless bracelet or key fob, we'll ask you to link it to your bank card so that it arrives with you Payment Ready.

• This is an ultra secure process called 'tokenisation' which uses Mastercard's Digital Enablements Service (MDES).

• Tokenisation replaces your bank card's long PAN number with an alternate number, greatly reducing the risk of fraud. In fact it's so safe, your wearable will have passport and banking grade security. ✔

Step 4 - Activate Your Wearable

•  When your Tovi Sorga contactless accessory arrives, you'll receive instructions to activate it.

•  It's really important you activate your wearable within 30 days, or you may have to send it back to be set up again.

•  So no dawdling. And why would you want to anyway? Because then, Tah Dah...

You're Ready to Tap & Go!

•  Shop like a superhero wherever you see the contactless symbol around the world.

•  Enjoy faster, easier, touch-free payments for everyday groceries, grabbing a coffee, commuting on public transport, travelling abroad...

•  Your country's local payment limits will apply. In Europe, you can exceed the contactless limit with your Tovi Sorga wearable by typing in your PIN number.

Manage Your Device with the Free Manage-Mii App

Download the Manage-Mii app to track your spending and manage your wearables.

Freeze and unfreeze your device whenever you need, for extra peace of mind.

Important Information

• You must have a Mastercard or Maestro bank card from one of our partner banks ] to link your Tovi Sorga device directly to your bank card. See for full terms and conditions.

• Tovi Sorga Payment Ready contactless devices are valid for payments for a minimum of 3 years. After 3 years the life of your device may be extended by contacting us at

High Value Transactions

• Single transactions of €50 (or equivalent currency) and above are high-value transactions. Whenever you make a high-value transaction with your wearable, you may be asked to enter your PIN number on the payment terminal.

Your Spending Limit

Whenever you make consecutive low value transactions (below €50) with an accumulated value reaching €150 or up to 5 transactions depending on your bank settings, you may be asked to authenticate yourself to continue using your payment wearable. This may be via a push notification using Manage-Mii or from your bank mobile app/wallet. Using Manage-Mii, authentication is done via your phone’s built-in authentication features (Touch ID, Face ID, etc). Your own bank mobile app/wallet may be different – your bank will provide the details.

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