Printed leather iPad case by Tovi Sorga


At Tovi Sorga we use a digital process to achieve a saturated, durable, high-definition print on 100% leather. Without the heavy plastic lacquers used in the majority of today's leather printing methods, our finish is remarkably sensuous, renowned for a soft, buttery texture that celebrates leather's natural tactility.



We love to take on new leather printing projects - large or small, personal or industrial. There are no minimum order quantities and with years of design experience, we are able to work with you to prepare your artwork for print to achieve the best results together.

Please contact us to discuss your design ideas and receive a price list at info@tovisorga.com

Printed leather design Tovi Sorga Eyes UK

Metallic leather supplier UK Tovi SorgaSUPPLYING AND SOURCING LEATHER

The leathers used for our own work are sourced from our trusted British suppliers, and we can recommend skins of different weights, sizes and costs to meet your specific needs. Responsibility for testing the print finish and durability of any hides you'd like to source separately will lie with you.



Tovi Sorga has been handcrafting his own printed leather accessories for a decade and is always happy to discuss developing your printed ideas into finished products, as well as to recommend trusted manufacturers. You can learn more about Tovi's bespoke work here, and about larger corporate projects here.


Genuine Leather men's wallet tattoo print by Tovi Sorga