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Guest Designers


Juliet Chadwick, Wallpaper Designer

'Dreamscapes' is how Juliet describes her etherial, intertwined wallpaper designs - beautiful hand-drawn patterns that she creates in her Stroud-based studio in South West England.  

A collaboration with Tovi for his Party Range, the Coral fold-over clutch has that other-worldly quality: at first glance, delicately feminine and girly. But there's more than meets the eye. Look closer, and you see flowering suckers and pink tendrils creeping and twisting in an eerily beautifully underworld.




Juliet Chadwick printed leather foldover clutch with Tovi Sorga 



The Coral fold-over clutch is a limited edition piece and only 25 bags will be released in total. 






David J Watt Tattoo artist with his Tovi Sorga Clutch Bag

David J Watt, Tattoo Artist

Collaborating for over two years now, David J Watt and Tovi Sorga have produced a knock-out range of uber-cool tattooed products, from clutch bags to iPad cases. Tovi took some time to find the right tattoo artist, but when he found David it was a match made in heaven.

Having worked alongside the masters in Kyoto, David has developed a reputation as an expert in traditional Japanese tattoo art; he even hand-carves his own Tebori needles! 

He brings a deep love of the old ways of doing things to his Tovi Sorga designs - hand painting each one in meticulous watercolour. 




Tattoo print leather foldover clutch bag by Tovi Sorga and David J Watts Tiger & Dragon

The latest piece from David and Tovi is a seriously edgy fold-over clutch bag featuring a tiger and dragon in combat.

The design is charged with the fighting spirit of the totem animals, all hidden under a deceptively minimalist black-and-white facade. 

Finished with black chain and a blood-red leather tassel, this is a statement piece that will keep you feeling armed, day or night.