How do contactless payment bracelets work?

Contactless payment bracelets contain a tiny chip that links to the free bPay app. Upload your payment cards to the app, top up the app, and track all your spending while you’re out and about.

What is bPay by Barclaycard?

bPay by Barclaycard is a pre-paid account supported by a free app that links to your Tovi Sorga contactless payment bracelet.

Simply add money from any Visa® or MasterCard® debit or credit card registered to a UK address and use the bPay device to make fast, secure contactless payments of up to £30.

Can anyone use contactless payment bracelets?

Do I need to be a Barclaycard customer or bank with Barclays to set up a bPay account?

You don’t need to be a Barclaycard customer or bank with Barclays, you just need to have a Visa® or MasterCard® debit or credit card registered to a UK address.

How old do you have to be to use a contactless payment bracelet?

You need to be 13 years old to register your own bPay device. However, it is also possible for a parent to register their device which can then be used by a child as a secure way to track their spending.

Is it true contactless can help with accessibility and disability issues?

There’s no fumbling for cards, coins, zips and poppers with a contactless payment bracelet – you just have to touch your wrist to the contactless terminal – which makes a Tovi Sorga bracelet a really useful accessory for people with reduced mobility.

Being able to track all your spending can also be great if you have a carer who helps you with your shopping, as all contactless payments can immediately be checked.

How does the bPay app work?

Is contactless safe?

Where can I use my contactless payment bracelet?

Contactless on TFL

If I use contactless instead of an Oyster card on the tube, how does it work?

Contactless payment bracelets work exactly like an Oyster card, capping when you have reached the maximum daily limit. However, it is not possible to add your TfL season tickets to your bPay chip.

Can you use contactless on the bus?

Contactless payment bracelets can be used to make payments on buses and taxis across the London transport system, wherever you see the contactless symbol.

Can I track my journey on the London transport system using contactless?

Transport for London provides a free facility to track your contactless journey across London here: https://contactless.tfl.gov.uk