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Making Innovation Possible

Creative contactless solutions that seamlessly integrate your payment, access and bespoke RFID requirements into fashionable accessories.

Secure global solutions 🌐

Whether you're looking for pre-paid, tokenised or closed-loop payment systems, or seeking to add access and ticketing to your wearables, we work some of the world's leading contactless innovators to facilitate the right solution for your project. 

RFID Direct partners with contactless wearables manufacturer Tovi Sorga to create bespoke payment and access solutions
Infineon for contactless wearables
Digiseq for Contactless Wearables
MuchBetter partners with Tovi Sorga

Case Study: VIP Payment Wearables for Visa at the Women's World Cup

Visa approached Tovi Sorga to design a luxury payment bracelet for 500 VIPs at the global women's football event that took place in Paris, 2019.

Luxury + sustainable product design

At Tovi Sorga we believe tech should never be disposable. We design and create take-home products that are not only responsibly made but that also leave memories - accessories so stylish, your customers will want to tell the world about them!

From luxury VIP statements, to sustainable mass-market wearables for festivals, stadiums, events and banking customers, we have the experience and expertise to help you think future.

Bring Your Branding to Life

We're specialists in durable, high-definition print design on natural leather and sustainable vegan materials.

Get in touch for a free project consultation and we'll help your brand stand out from the crowd.