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And this is how we make that happen...

Tovi Sorga is a luxury British accessories brand specialising in printed leather. Our mission is to make the objects you use every day as life-enhancing as possible. Because we find beautiful things uplifting. And we know many of you agree, because you're always telling us.

We take responsibly sourced natural leathers, and we print on them using a technique we've been perfecting for over a decade. It's a vivid, high-definition digital process. And although we avoid the heavy plastic lacquers used elsewhere in the industry, our leather finish is really hard-wearing, and still buttery soft to the touch.

What 'made to order' means to us...

Environmental sustainability is a guiding feature of the way we design our products and run the Tovi Sorga brand.

The majority of our accessories are hand-crafted to order in our studio in the beautiful mill town of Stroud, Gloucestershire. Made-to-order enables us to create only what's needed, with tailor-made print runs and minimal waste. 

All Tovi Sorga products are designed and printed by us in-house. We select choice leathers recycled as a waste product of the food industry and only work with trusted and certified British and European suppliers who meet strict European standards of animal and worker welfare.

Our tech cases employ state of the art micro-suction technology to make them around 95% biodegradable.

Wherever possible our packaging - from elegant gift box to mailing bag - is recycled and biodegradable.

We're not perfect, but we're doing our best by continually examining and developing our processes to cut down waste and toxicity wherever possible. The aim is that in generations to come our products will return to nature as kindly as they emerged from it. 


Self taught in leather-craft, Tovi (which rhymes with 'coffee') started out selling larger jewellery pieces in East London boutiques until his early, unorthodox experimentations with printed tech cases went became an online success overnight.

A decade on, his unique technique produces some of the finest printed leather in the world – rich, durable, high-definition prints that celebrate the natural tactility of leather.  

Since 2015, Tovi has designed and managed the brand with his partner, Agnes Davis, Director of Sales and Marketing. With a love of both contemporary and classical imagery, their collections are inspired by wild nature, and a desire to imbue digital print with the energy and integrity of traditional craft techniques.

Tovi Sorga Ltd wouldn't be where it is today without the support of a loyal and ever-growing fan base of international customers, who return time and again for beautiful, statement pieces. We couldn't be more grateful to them all.

Global Partnerships...

Tovi Sorga has been proud to work with a wide range of private, public and corporate clients over the past decade - from tattoo artists and corsetières to wallpaper designers and beauty brands. 

In 2016, we joined forces with leading UK bank, Barclaycard, to pioneer innovative contactless payment bracelets - a fast, secure, discreet, and very beautiful new way to pay.

Our fifth payment collection released in August 2019 has even more functionalities to offer UK shoppers, enhanced by Barclaycard's Pingit technology. And Tovi Sorga wearables can also be found across Scandinavia with EVRY Card Services, and in France, following a fun project creating 500 VIP wearables with Visa for the international women's football event that took place in July 2019.

Find out more about how we can help your business with bespoke corporate solutions here.