Not a bad job eating sushi & cakes all day while chatting. Or perhaps it's just that the gorgeous team at Hoxton Fashion made it look easy when they invited us into Hackney Downs Studios to have a natter about our work for their weekly Fashion feature.

Agnes Davis & Tovi Sorga at Hoxton Fashion Radio

Sarah Mulwinda, Olivia Cox & producer David 'the Preshaah' Harris are a talented bunch, moonlighting from other jobs in TV and as stylists and DJs. They get together every Wednesday to meet creatives from around the UK, giving, so they claim, "a fresh perspective on the glamorous world of air kissing."

Hackney Downs Studios themselves house a bunch of great creative projects, and the area had that quiet buzz of people getting on with things they love. Based in a quiet courtyard, its sunlit, outdoor cafe bedecked with flowers created a little oasis from the market high-street of Dalston. It reminded us of Bristol funnily enough.

You can catch up on the interview here.

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