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Tovi Sorga launches with Smartech in Selfridges

  • 3 min read


Tech has the power to do great things. From keyhole surgery and life-saving drones delivering medical supplies, to the extraordinary high-speed infrastructures that allow us to stay connected during lockdown, there’s no denying it would be hard to imagine a future without all the devices that have become part of our day to day. Machines and humans will forever be entwined in the modern landscape.

At Tovi Sorga, we love technology, but we also believe deeply that it should never just be about functionality. Our tech accessories are a lifestyle choice – imbuing technology with the more traditionally soulful qualities of natural, biodegradable materiality and beautiful design. Why can’t luxury and great tech go hand in hand?

With our contactless bracelets and key fobs, style is all you’ll see on the surface. The secure payment functionality is completely concealed inside a fashionable, lightweight construction, designed to be chic enough to wear every day. We want you to feel one hundred per cent comfortable and one hundred per cent yourself when you wear them. They’re designed to become part of your way of life.

Which is why we couldn’t be more delighted that our luxury payment bracelets and key fobs found a new home with Smartech in Selfridges, in December 2020. Smartech shares our vision by curating the best modern technology – tech that can genuinely enhance your day-to-day to make life easier and way more fun.

We love the unique vision they bring to tech, and wanted to share some of that energy with you here. We hope you’ll enjoy this interview, and that it will inspire you to visit them in their Oxford Street store as soon as you can. 

Smartech in Selfridges sells Tovi Sorga contactless payment wearables

Where did the vision for Smartech begin?

The vision began just over four years ago, to create a space with innovative technology for the wider community. The aim was to address the misconceptions that are attached to technology and change this, making it fun and exciting – most importantly, accessible to all. Smartech is a dedicated space for the best innovative lifestyle products that technology could offer, all in one bustling hub.

How does Smartech do tech differently?

Smartech looks for the best technology worldwide that can benefit your everyday life by the most iconic and up and coming entrepreneurs. We help you discover and learn about new tech products, while empowering the makers to tell their stories in retailers worldwide. 

What are people looking for from technology today?

People are looking for technology to make their daily lives better. There are constant advancements in tech innovation, and Smartech keeps you at the forefront for the long term.

How do Tovi Sorga payment wearables fit the Smartech vision?

Tovi Sorga fits perfectly into our vision, enabling you to take control of your spending with the MuchBetter app that powers these chic luxurious payment bracelets. You can set a budget, track your spending and even organise money between different wearables. All with the same fraud protection as your contactless card. What’s not to love?

Where can people find Tovi Sorga wearables when they visit Selfridges?

You can find Tovi Sorga on the Lower Ground of Selfridges at Smartech, in the technology department, and shop online now at

What's different about the Smartech experience in-store?

Smartech prides itself in being hands-on. Experts are always available to showcase the  technology so you can enjoy the best in-store experience. The Smartech specialists receive in-depth training on all our range, so they’re in the perfect position to help you discover the best lifestyle innovation products that technology has to offer.

What other services does Smartech offer?

Smartech curates amazing events and partnerships, and this goes hand in hand with our brand identity as a space dedicated to inspire and excite through an immersive in-store experience – a way to learn and have fun.

What have been the key achievements?

Definitely one of our greatest achievements has been rapid global growth in a short amount of time, which enables us to be the best destination for tech in the world’s best department stores. We have stores in the USA, Japan, Kuwait and across Europe.

This year alone to expand in Selfridges with our other concepts – The BikeShop showing the future in groundbreaking ideas in sustainability and the environment with e-bikes – and Playhouse, a gaming destination to bring the gaming community both experienced and first-time gamers together through events and activities this season.

What are your plans for 2021?

Expect more new store openings, amazing events, collaborations, and exciting new product launches all year round.

Technology is what you make it to be. At Tovi Sorga, we choose for it to be sustainable and life-enhancing. Discover the Tovi Sorga Smartech collection online at
Shop our full contactless collection here.