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Shipping to the EU? No more extra duty or tax to worry about!

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No more EU duty or VAT to pay for European Union orders shipped from the United Kingdom by Tovi Sorga


We've recently made some changes at Tovi Sorga so that it's as stress-free as possible for you to order products and have them shipped to the European Union.

When you make a purchase now with European delivery, you can be confident in the knowledge that the shipping charge you see at checkout is all you'll ever have to pay! There'll be no extra surprise Duty or VAT charges when your parcel arrives.

From July 2021, the Tovi Sorga team have made some updates to our tax settings so that we're now registered for the IOSS system. IOSS enables us to pay the VAT for your order directly to the EU, so you won't have it charged to you later.

Since Brexit, shipping from the United Kingdom to the European Union has been fraught with worry over the potential extra duty and tax charges you may have been charged when your parcel arrives.

Now all that stress is behind us! You can enjoy ordering your Tovi Sorga products just as before - with nothing but excitement and anticipation to get using your sustainable luxury tech accessories.


Duty rules have changed for Tovi Sorga shipments to the EU under the IOSS scheme


Which European Countries will no longer have additional VAT or duty to pay?

The EU Member States covered by the IOSS scheme are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

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