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Pingit Has Closed: Everything You Need to Know

  • 3 min read

How to replace your Pingit device with a new Tovi Sorga payment accessory


Tovi Sorga has now launched a brand new contactless payment solution in partnership with the multi-award winning payments app, MuchBetter - for the UK and also for the whole of Europe. Find out more about MuchBetter here.

If you have an existing Tovi Sorga Pingit device, it will have stopped working for payments on 30 June 2021 and cannot be converted to MuchBetter, so you'll need to purchase a new device.

All existing Pingit device owners are entitled to a 30% discount off the new Tovi Sorga MuchBetter collection which can be used any time between now and 31 July towards the cost of replacing your Pingit device.

If you haven't yet received an email from us with your personalised discount code, you may not be subscribed to our email newsletter list. Please contact us at with the order number or receipt for your previous Pingit device (whether purchased from, or, and we'll make sure you receive your exclusive discount code as soon as possible. 


Meet your new Pingit - MuchBetter

MuchBetter works in a very similar way to Pingit - but with even more to offer you. Top up your Tovi Sorga wearable through the MuchBetter app from your bank card, by bank transfer, with cash or even using Crypto currency! 

Just like Pingit, MuchBetter lets you send funds to friends and donate to charity. And you'll also be automatically eligible for the free MuchBetter rewards programme, which gives you a chance to win annual prizes up to €50,000!

Important Information about MuchBetter

  • You must be aged 18+ and a resident of the UK, Switzerland or the 30 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) to use a MuchBetter account with Tovi Sorga wearables. See for full terms and conditions.
  • You also need an officially recognised form of photo ID such as a passport, driving license or government-issued ID card to register for a MuchBetter account.
  • MuchBetter is a free account for all Tovi Sorga wearable devices until 31 December 2021. After this introductory offer, MuchBetter charges a subscription of £2.50 per month to cover the pre-pay account fees charged by the banking industry. You can register multiple Tovi Sorga devices within one monthly account subscription at no extra cost.
  • Tovi Sorga MuchBetter devices are valid for payments for a minimum of 5 years. After 5 years the life of your device may be extended by contacting us at

What Pingit closing means for you

Unfortunately this means that since 30 June 2021 you can no longer access the Pingit app or use any Pingit payment services and features, including your Tovi Sorga payment devices, although new Tovi Sorga payment devices are now available to purchase here.

Pingit has refunded you

If you purchased a Pingit Tovi Sorga device and your account was active and eligible, Pingit will have automatically credited the jar or wallet in the Pingit app that your device was linked to, with an amount covering the full price you paid for the device, plus any postage costs paid.

Refunds were sent out by Pingit during the first two weeks of June.

Pingit will text you within ten working days after their closure to let you know that any remaining balance in your Pingit Account or jars has been returned to your linked bank account.

If you don't have access to the account you linked to Pingit and would like Pingit to transfer your funds to a different account, please complete the online form here:

Pingit won't have refunded you if:

  • your device has been reported lost/stolen and/or Pingit have blocked it;

  • you obtained a free Volunteer Shopping Device fob under the terms of the Volunteer Shopping Device promotion. However, if you used the promotion code to obtain a discount on a different model, Pingit will refund the discounted price you paid;

  • you have a free replacement bPay device.

Pingit Support

You can visit Pingit help pages and FAQs on the Pingit website to find out more information to support you during Pingit closure:

Devices given as gifts

If the Tovi Sorga device was given as a gift, the Pingit refund will have been provided to the person who activated the device.