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A nourishing winter recipe + inspiring interview with chef Genevieve Frosch

  • 6 min read

The Business of Bliss is an exclusive Tovi Sorga campaign which celebrates entrepreneurs & creators who have been bold enough to pursue their dreams. 

The founders of Tovi Sorga were artists and writers first, and recognise the many challenges involved in taking what you love and turning it into a successful enterprise. We hope you enjoy discovering these brilliant creators who dare to follow their bliss. 


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Meet Genevieve, founder of My Soul Tribe

It’s the beginning of February as this blog goes live, and after a long winter how better to nourish body and mind than with a delicious, wholesome recipe and some hearty entrepreneurial inspiration?

For our latest Business of Bliss interview we’re delighted to introduce you to a daringly brilliant and enterprising cookery creator – Genevieve Frosch.

Having worked as private chef for the likes of Damien Hirst, Plum Sykes and Lulu Guiness, been featured in American Vogue and gained a loyal following for her decadently creative cake design, Gen has also recently launched her own online delivery food company – My Soul Tribe.

Serving delicious, always nutritious family dishes with sustainable production at the heart of the vision, My Soul Tribe was founded to bring Gen’s lifelong culinary learning to a wider audience. We hope you are as inspired by her story as we are.


Chef Genevieve Frosch - My Soul Tribe food deliveries - Tovi Sorga Gloucestershire Stories


Hi Gen, thanks so much for joining us today. Can you tell us what My Soul Tribeis all about?

My Soul Tribe is my very own creative baby. At its core is an online shop, selling homemade food by me. The long-term vision is for it to evolve and expand organically to sell beautiful products and food made by other inspired creatives.

Over the past year it has become apparent how essential online shopping is for all of us these days. Yet there’s a lot of conflict for many of us battling through supermarket packaging and trying to maintain the values we want to invest in for the future of this planet and our own health.

I hope My Soul Tribe can bridge the gap between essential and nurturing - by selling really delicious, beautiful offerings for every individual. Our fresh food is delivered by hand in reusable packaging, and there isn’t a single person I have brought food to who doesn’t want to stop for a good doorstep chat.

So as the business is evolving I’m coming to understand that all the values I love about food – bringing people together, creating a story around the moment of sharing a meal – can be as relevant for this new enterprise as they’ve always been for me in my cooking career.




How did the vision for My Soul Tribe come about?

I have worked as a private chef for over 13 years now, cooking all over the country and world, an experience which took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me every day. Over the course of the last few years I have wanted to change how I work, yet was stuck on how and what I could make and do.

In a session with a coach last summer, we discussed how by creating a product and making it available for everyone to buy I could then create my own brand and following. The coach used the words ‘your soul tribe’ and they really resonated with me. And My Soul Tribe was born.



What have been some of the challenges in getting this far?

For me, the challenges are a mixture of self doubt and my inability to understand certain technology. I still suffer from a crippling fear of what I make not being good enough, even after so many years of really good feedback.

Being a start-up I have tried to do the majority of things myself, including the website which quite frankly gives me a headache. But saying this, I have received such generous help and kindness from my community – like my new cooking space which came like magic from a friend – and these gifts help offset my frustrations. In essence the biggest challenge is myself, but I’m getting there.


What do you love about your work?

I absolutely LOVE being in the zone making stuff, where time disappears and your mind goes blank and your body just does. I LOVE choosing the containers, the bags, the packaging and when it all starts to come together it gives me a real buzz.

I love sourcing good ingredients and supporting other local producers, it feels great to have a personal relationship with both your customers and suppliers. I basically love all the creative aspects of my work. While the spreadsheets and logistics are my daily reality check!


 Contactless payment bracelet on chef Genevieve Frosch - Tovi Sorga

Genevieve wears the Palazzo contactless payment bracelet.


Where do you go for inspiration?  

A lot of my inspiration comes from food memories, good times... How an event felt, what the mood of the room was... I remember what I ate on my first flight to the UK – an experience I love trying to recreate. You know, things like the most delicious crumble my great-grandmother made, or that jam my mum used to whip up. The smell of my favourite cafe, the pasta we ate once in London… that sort of thing. 

For inspiration in life I go to the water and the woods, the water for its soothing, endless horizon and purifying qualities and the woods to be close to the spirit world.

And failing all of that, a big busy city and some darn good food and shops can be just as inspiring in completely fresh ways.



What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received that’s helped with your work?



What’s on your wish list for the next 12 months for the business? 

I have a baby due in July and my wish is for the business to get to a place where I can hand over a lot of the day-to-day to my team, while still retaining the core vibe that I’m establishing now. Eeek that’s not long!

I don’t intend on taking loads of time off, but I would like everything to be flowing enough that I can step in when I can and step back when I can’t. LIVING THE DREAM.


Can you share a favourite recipe with our readers? 

Yes absolutely. I have chosen one of my favourite gluten free bread recipes. It uses mainly nuts and seeds, and I love it for being both hearty and super healthy. I really recommend it toasted with lots of butter. Enjoy!


Gluten Free Super food bread recipe 

This makes 1 loaf.


  • 200g whole almonds: I use the ones with the husk on, but what ever you have is fine. Ground almonds also work.
  • 260g pumpkin seeds 
  • 200g gluten-free flour: I use buckwheat, but brown rice, tapioca etc all equally tasty.
  • 100g mixed seeds such as sunflower, sesame, poppy. I use a majority of sunflower and flax with some added black sesame and poppy. 
  • 3 tablespoons psyllium husk
  • 3 tablespoons mixed herbs and spices. My favourites are coriander, cumin and caraway.
  • 2 tablespoons of chia seeds
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of maple syrup (not essential but I like the additional flavour it brings).


Heat the oven to 180 Celsius.

Put all the almonds on a tray and roast in the oven for 10 mins and check. You’re looking for a golden brown – horrid to burn nuts!

Do the same with all the seeds.

Place the roasted almonds into a food processor and mix until they becomes a fine flour, but not a paste. Transfer to a bowl.

Pour half the contents of the seed tray into the food processor and do the same, then add to the nuts. Add all the seeds to the almonds, leaving some whole for texture.

Add the rest of the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly with your hands.

Pour 600 ml water and the maple syrup into the dry ingredients and mix well. I like to use my hands and give it a bit of a kneed. 

Cover and allow to rest for about an hour. The psyllium husk and seeds will soak up the moisture, and you’re looking for a nice semi-bouncy mass of sticky dough.

Shape the dough and put into a lined loaf tin. I like to line my loaf tin with baking parchment and rub some olive oil over the loaf. Again, not essential, but the tin must either be oiled or lined or both.

Bake for 1 hour at 160 Celsius. Baking time can really vary depending on your oven, so keep a check for a nice brown colour.

When you tap your knuckle on the surface, it will sound hollow when done.

Let it cool completely. Eat fresh, toasted with butter, or freeze it pre-sliced and toast as needed.

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