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The Art of Corporate Gifting

  • 3 min read

And why gifting matters more than ever this year.

One of the most heated arguments we ever had in our school debating classes was over the statement that ‘No one can ever perform a truly selfless act’. It had the class in uproar!

And the biggest point of contention was whether giving a gift was a selfish or selfless thing to do. Is the giver always looking for a subconscious sense of personal reward from their generosity?

Recently, the argument for selfless giving has received some weighty support in the Tovi Sorga studio because over the summer months we've received an unprecedented number of e-commerce orders for contactless payment accessories being sent out as gifts. It’s one of our great pleasures to offer free gift wrap at Tovi Sorga – pleasures because it also gives us the honour of handwriting your wonderful personal notes. Without giving away any secrets, these last few months we’ve been writing out more genuinely heartfelt messages than we’ve ever seen before – to old friends, children and godchildren starting university, wedding anniversaries and of course, for many many birthdays.

Some of the gifts have been commemorating a special occasion but there are also plenty being posted out simply to send love – a true gesture of ‘I saw this and thought of you’. It’s apparent that this year when so many are facing genuinely challenging circumstances, from health and business uncertainty, unemployment, the increased pressures of working from home or prolonged isolation, with the inevitable knock-on effects upon mental wellbeing... Now more than ever there’s a real hunger to reconnect and uplift by finding memorable ways to show we care.

For us at Tovi Sorga, it’s also the time of year where corporate gifting enquiries arrive from companies looking to bring their own strong branding to our luxury accessories as a way of saying thank you to their best clients and employees at Christmas. Over the years, we’ve designed branded corporate gifts to mark special launches, provide bespoke access or payment-related support for events and also just to give clients an innovative way to stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke corporate gifts - contactless wearable technology for payment and access

This year, contactless payment accessories have been high on the list of corporate gifting enquiries and it’s got us thinking about what extra qualities givers are looking for that draw them to contactless in particular. It’s where the scales on our philanthropic argument start to tip in favour of there being a touch of selfishnessin the act of giving – because there’s giving, and then there’s giving something that makes you look extra cool. 

Being a great giver isn’t just about presenting something you know the recipient will like or find useful. It’s also about letting them know-you-know they have great taste, that they’re worthy of the status of your gift. As the nation’s favourite Fleabag said, give a gift that makes the recipient think you see them as ‘this person!Because ‘everyone wants to be this person’.

The art of truly successful corporate gifting, in our experience, is to gift something that not only shows your branding off to best effect but that gives a bit of wow factor. Make your client believe they’re worthy of something a little bit awesome just by being associated with you. 

Branded corporate gifts - football club stadium ticketing wearables with contactless payment

We’ve all got random pens floating around our desks with another company’s name on. That’s because pens are useful. Useful is another extremely beneficial tick on your corporate gifting wishlist. If you can create something your client wants, or better still needs to use everyday then your branding will remain in the forefront of their consciousness. If you can deliver something they need, use and want to tell people about, then you’re onto a winner.

Whether it be selfishly to stay front of mind or selflessly to give a precious morale boost, don’t forget to touch base with your VIP clients and employees this year. It’s a testing time for so many companies. Remind them how important they are to you, and that you care.

For more information on how we can help you with memorable corporate gifts, including contactless payment and access wearables branded with your company logo, contact