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Get Started with Your Tovi Sorga Pingit Wearables

  • 1 min read

Excited to start shopping with your new device? 

Here's how to set up your Tovi Sorga bracelet or key fob with Pingit.

 Top up your contactless payment wearable by Tovi Sorga Pingit - Instructions for use


1) Download the free Pingit app and follow instructions to register.

2) Create a 'Jar', give it a name, and top it up. You can choose a single top up, scheduled auto top-up or low balance top-up.


When you're sure you're going to keep your wearable (we're always happy to exchange sizes / designs if needed) ...


3) On the lid of the luxury gift box your Tovi Sorga payment device arrives in, you'll find an envelope containing your own wearable's Unique ID.

4) Open the 'Spend' tab in Pingit and click 'Add a device'. Enter your wearable's Unique ID code.

6) Name your device and link it to the Pingit 'Jar' of your choice. 


That's it! You're ready to shop... ✔ 


how to set up Tovi Sorga contactless payment wearables with Pingit


You can register up to 5 different Tovi Sorga payment wearables to Pingit.

Swap them between Pingit Jars to budget, plan and organise your spending.

Still have questions about anything related to Pingit? Contact Pingit support here.


Wearing your bracelet and opening the magnetic clasp

You may also find it helpful to watch this short video showing how to position our payment bracelets for easy payment, and a simple way to open the magnetic clasp.