Father's Day Gift Guide 2017 - Tovi Sorga

Father's Day Gift Guide 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide 2017

Every year, come birthdays, Christmas & Father's Day, we hear countless people asking the same question:

What to buy the man who has everything?

Plump for one of these 5 fail-safe ingredients and you can't fail to ace that elusive challenge...


Luxury leather key ring in a Plaice fish design handcrafted by Tovi Sorga

1. Quality

Who isn't a sucker for seriously beautiful craftsmanship?

That feeling of trust, which hits you in the gut when you pick up something of true quality, leaves a lasting impression.


iPhone 7 case for men leather wallet phonecase printed with Tiger design Tovi Sorga

2. Functionality

Sleek design fulfils its purpose with minimal fuss. At Tovi Sorga we refine our products to create a perfect balance of functionality and style. 

Our Wallet Cases for iPhone & Samsung Galaxy use state-of-the-art microsuction technology to make them 90% biodegradable, with the dual function of accommodating cards and notes, and providing that all-important protection for your phone.


Contactless Payment Wristband for Men printed leather Tovi Sorga bPay Chip

3. A touch of tech

Our Contactless Payment Bracelets could single-handedly scoop up all the quality, functionality and tech accolades in one go.

A tiny chip hidden in the bracelet links to any Visa® or MasterCard® debit or credit card registered to a UK address so you can make quick, contactless payments with a touch of the wrist wherever you see the contactless symbol at hundreds of thousands of retailers across the UK, on the London transport system and abroad.

Warning: Not for the shy. They also provide instant wow-factor and spark conversations with strangers wherever you use them.


Personalised card case handcrafted genuine leather printed design Tovi Sorga

4. Make it just for them

Adding a personal touch, like a name or classical monogram, makes a gift meaningful and memorable.

All Tovi Sorga products can be personalised, but why not add a secret message and show the recipient you know them better than anyone?

Get in touch via info@tovisorga.com to discuss Bespoke secret messaging.


Printed leather wallet bright Ambassador fun print Tovi Sorga handcrafted men's accessories

5. And a healthy dose of humour

Gifts that celebrate the lighter side of life are guaranteed to put a lasting smile on their face.

We particularly love our Ambassador print wallet - a sensible luxurious black cow hide on the exterior, which opens to reveal a streak of joie de vivre.




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