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All you need to know about the new £100 contactless payment limit

  • 5 min read

Your guide to the new UK contactless limit

Prepare yourself to have even more fun with your contactless payment wearables – because from 15 October 2021, the UK will begin to roll out a new contactless limit. You can now spend up to £100 with your Tovi Sorga contactless payment bracelets and key rings.

The UK contactless limit has gone up to £100

In April 2020, the original contactless cap was raised from £30 to £45, giving UK shoppers a quicker and safer way to pay during the pandemic without needing Chip and PIN.

Now, following a number of public consultations and discussions with both retailers and those in the banking sector, the cap is set to become even more inclusive, giving shoppers more than double the amount of contactless freedom and taking Britain another step closer towards becoming a cashless society.

With digital payment adoption increasing year on year, this latest rise signals the next big step forward for contactless technology. But what does it mean for consumers? Is a higher contactless limit safe? And when can we actually spend up to £100 with our contactless payment wristband, key rings and cards?

Here’s everything you need to know about the new £100 contactless payment limit, and how you can help keep your digital payments secure.


Why is the limit increasing?

How we shop is rapidly changing. Since the dawn of the 21st Century, the digital payments revolution has enabled shoppers to discover the ease and convenience that new payment methods can offer. We no longer have the patience for fishing our wallets from the bottom of our bags, queuing for tiresome cash machines or keeping others waiting while we count the loose change from our pockets.

The contactless payment limit is going up to £100 in the UK

Consumers value efficiency and speed, which was one of the main reasonings behind the 2021 limit increase. It feels like a lifetime since the introduction of the first contactless payment technology in the UK, way back in 2007. Yet despite a bit of oohing and ahhing, and numerous articles in the tabloids about fraud and scamming, contactless payments are a new habit we’ve been quick to adopt.

According to UK Finance, in 2020 the number of contactless payments made in the UK increased by 12% to 9.6bn. This was boosted even further thanks to Covid-19, with many of us avoiding touching potentially germy keypads.

Yet the £45 cap still presented issues for shoppers looking for a safer way to pay for larger purchases, such as their weekly shop, filling up their fuel tank or DIY materials for all those lockdown renovation projects! 

In March 2021, the decision was made to increase the contactless terminal limit to accommodate shoppers looking for more flexibility, and the rollout was scheduled to begin in October.


How long will the £100 limit increase take to roll out across the UK?

Even though the launch date for the new payments limit is 15 October 2021, in reality it may still take a few months for you to be able to spend up to £100 using your Tovi Sorga contactless payment gadgets across the whole of the United Kingdom. 

Contactless payment terminals need to be updated manually by the main system providers, and in the 2020 rollout we found certain major supermarkets (mentioning no names!) were still lagging behind even several weeks after the legal rise had been announced. 

So just make sure you check with the cashier before you go to pay and ask whether they've updated their contactless point of sales to the new £100 cap. Soon it will become second nature for everyone, and we'll forget there was ever a £45 limit at all!


How contactless payment wearables help you spend more safely 

It may come as a surprise, but contactless payments actually have some of the lowest fraud levels of any payment type! Even after the last contactless limit increase, there was no reported increase in fraud rates, with the European contactless fraud rate sitting below 0.01%, with Which reporting an equivalent of less than 2p in every £100 spent in early 2020.

It’s understandable that safety is your top priority when it comes to your contactless spending. And that’s why it's important to us at Tovi Sorga that we provide extra options for you to manage your contactless payments with our wearables. 

Contactless payment bracelets and key rings give you the security of standard contactless card payments, paired with the elegance and ease of a discreet, safe and stylish wearable - but with even more ways to monitor your actual transactions.

Is contactless safe? The safest way to shop with contactless in Britain.

The hidden benefits of paying with a wearable instead of a card:

  • The payment chip within your wearable needs to be within 1cm of an activated payment terminal for a transaction to be made, so there’s no room for accidental payments.
  • All our fashionable devices are designed to be discreet - no one need ever know that you’re wearing or carrying a payment device.
  • Our range of elegant, contactless smart jewellery and payment key fobs benefit from passport and banking-grade security, licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Rest assured your hard-earned cash is completely secure.
  • No batteries or charging with a Tovi Sorga payment wristband or key fob. You don't have to worry about your phone or smartwatch battery dying when you're in the middle of a festival, or out of signal on the slopes of the Alps!
  • Wearables are completely contactless, which means you're always making touch-free payments.
  • Tovi Sorga contactless bracelets come in a wide range of styles, allowing you to personalise your contactless look and accessorise different wearables to different outfits. Manage all your devices through the same central app, so each one is always ready for you to shop with.  

The safest way to pay contactless

Enable Notifications 

You have even more control with a Pre-Paid Wearable

  • Never be left wondering how much you’re spending – opt in to receive prompt notifications from MuchBetter, the award winning pre-paid app that powers Tovi Sorga wearables.
  • With mobile notifications you instantly know what you’ve bought, where you’ve bought it, and the balance left on your wearable. Which means no surprise or accidental payments.
  • Notifications are also an amazing feature if you've got other people using contactless payment devices attached to your account. For example - for kids to spend their pocket money without you worrying they're going to lose their cash. Or for carers who might be doing your shopping. As soon as they make a payment, you get a message pop up on your phone to tell you what they've bought and where, and exactly how much they've spent.
  • When using a pre-paid wearable, you're also in control of how much you carry on your device at any one time. So when you're on a night out or shopping on holiday, set yourself a budget so that you don't accidentally get carried away in the heat of the moment!

Discover more about how to wear and pay with your contactless bracelet, and browse our complete range of luxury smart jewellery, key rings and key fobs here.