Leather Folio Tablet Cases with Invisible Microsuction Grip - Tovi Sorga

Leather Folio Tablet Cases with Invisible Microsuction Grip

Leather Folio Tablet Cases with Invisible Microsuction Grip

Folio Tablet Cases with an Easel Stand

Luxury leather iPad and Kindle cases have been one of our best-selling products since tablets began. Tovi Sorga leather tablet cases have been featured in the likes of The Guardian and Mashable for their unique designs and robust craftsmanship, 'bringing bright pops of color to a medium that is typically limited to shades of brown...' as Cool Hunting describes our work.

The latest iPad case designs feature a new book-style opening, so you can keep the protective case around your tablet while using it. Tovi was a particularly happy craftsman designing this upgrade to his beautiful leather cases. Finding the perfect ratios to enhance the user's experience of their tablet provided great satisfaction, he told us. There's an easel stand so you can prop your tablet up to watch movies on trains, or to Skype your granny. 

On this model pictured, which uses the signature Maps print of our Möbius collection, the generous pocket is made from a shimmering metallic gold calfskin and lined with pink suede. Tovi says he particularly loves the way the easel bend adds another dimension to our Möbius designs, which were inspired by ideas of twisting and warping how 2D pattern interacts with 3D forms.

Leather iPad case with microsuction - Printed calfskin by British tech accessories designer Tovi Sorga


There's something ridiculously luxurious about using a beautifully crafted leather tablet case - perhaps its the quantity of soft hide under your hands, or that it feels like you're opening and closing some ancient old book each time you use it.
We offer both Folio wallet-style cases for your iPad or iPad Mini, which are held with super-strong invisible micro-suction strips to give a really sleek experience and allow for easel viewing. Our traditional sleeve-style cases that you can slide your tablet in and out of are also still available for any model of tablet or e-reader.
As with all our products, these beautiful iPad cases can also be personalised with the monogram of your choice. Any bespoke orders will be hand-crafted and shipped within our usual 14-20 day turn-around.
Best iPad cases: leather microsuction folio style by tech and fashion accessories brand Tovi Sorga

Why Microsuction?

Microsuction is composed of thousands of minute octopus-like suckers, which gives it the amazing ability to provide a super-strong grip that never wears out, while also making it easy to remove your device time and again should you need to. It works perfectly for our products as there's no plastic casing to spoil the environment, or your experience of either the soft, pure calfskin case or your sleek device.

Gold iPad Case - Metallic leather handcrafted by tech accessories designer Tovi Sorga


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